Privacy Policy

We are based in the UK (to be specific the legal jurisdiction is England & Wales) and Europe (the European Union, at least until Brexit comes into force) and comply with the laws and regulations that apply here, which are quite strict when it comes to personal data. Typically this is name and email, occasionally address details where something has to be delivered. The information is held by trusted third parties such as AWeber, Facebook, PayPal, etc., who in turn comply with the law too. Any personal data collected by us, or on our behalf by companies such as the ones mentioned, is collected in a transparent way and its purpose explicitly given at the time the data is collected. Our online marketing strategies will involve the use of technology like cookies, Facebook Pixels, etc. We make every reasonable effort to keep all data secure by only trusting it to companies that are reasonable to trust, like PayPal, to provide services for us where data is collected.

We are compliant with GDPR for visitors in the EEA.

You can find out about the EU’s GDPR here on their website: EUGDPR