Egotrippi – Finland

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I’ve been going to Sweden since I was a teenager and I speak Swedish. So of course I know Swedish artists quite well. Next door is a country where most are unlikely to ever learn the language: Finland. It’s also likely that most will never scratch the surface of the Finnish music scene and find the treasures waiting there for us. I only know one person who ever has apart from me – and he’s another Londoner who goes over there to play his music regularly. There are many great artists and Finland itself has the second biggest tango scene in the world after Argentina. It’s a kind of melting pot for styles and that’s what makes it special. Some you may have heard of are The Rasmus and H.I.M.

I love what Egotrippi do: guitar rock with really thoughtful guitar bits and melodic tunes. I was at a party once and mentioned them to a Finnish guy who lived at the house and he went off and brought back a Greatest hits CD and gave it me – he had designed album art work for them! Finland is a small country.

Anyway this song is really good for the guitar bits I was talking about, so sit back and enjoy Egotrippi. Matkustaja means Passenger by the way. Over 2 million views on this song too!

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